Cleveland Museum of Art’s New Wing_271

Cleveland Museum of Art’s New Wing – trade exhibition

In the summer, the Cleveland Museum of Art debuted its East Wing, the first of three new additions designed by New York architect Rafael Vi?oly. Clad in alternating bands of marble and granite (echoing the palette of the adjoining structures), the East Wing links the museum’s original 1916 building by Hubbell and Benes with a 1971 addition by Marcel Breuer. Inside are expanded galleries for the CMA’s permanent collection, which is strong in contemporary and modern art, photography, and 19th-century European paintings and sculpture. The East Wing also provides space for temporary exhibitions, including “Paul Gaugin: Paris, 1889,” on view October 4 through January 18. The two additional gallery wings and a glass-enclosed atrium uniting the entire complex will open by 2012.

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