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Instant Healing from Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be brought on by many factors, but for the most part it is caused by stress and mental angst. Millions upon millions of adults and teenagers suffer from chronic back pain. When we get stressed our bodies automatically tighten as part of an instinctive fight or flight reaction. During periods of prolonged stress our shoulders and necks take the brunt of our stress. They remained tightened. Once the "threat", or stress, has diminished tightness can linger or we forget how to relax and loosen our muscles back to their former relaxed state.

While this natural biological reaction can be useful in times of physical threat, it is completely useless and harmful to us when we are under mental stress. Mental stress can be brought on by arguments, personal problems, financial strain and an endless number of other factors. How we deal with our stressors is the key to our health.

Most Americans deal with stress in similar ways which are unhealthy to our minds and bodies. We normally do not go after or attack our sources of stress, but rather seek escape. For many, escape is found through food. Overeating or eating unhealthy foods to seek solace has put over on third of our population into the category of obese. Obviously, overeating is at epidemic proportions. For others, watching television for hours on end is a form of escape. Even video games can be an addictive form of escape from stress. This sedentary lifestyle damages all systems of the body, from the heart and lungs to the brain, muscles and skin. Some people find escape from stress through smoking, drinking alcohol or doing drugs. Addiction to harmful substances is a type of escapism that is especially harmful and will take as many years off of your life as any other chronic disease will.

To heal yourself, you must rid yourself of your vices and get to the root cause of your stress. This is a lot easier said than done. You will need a support system that is strong and knowledgeable about your vice of choice to help you quit. You must also teach yourself new ways of dealing with your stress. This is where the Yuen Method comes in.

The Yuen Method was created by a retired international police officer, Kung-Fu Master and medical doctor. This new Energetic Healing method is a powerful non-touch technique which blends anatomy, physiology, applied Kinesthetics, structural analysis, energetic technique, and quantum physics.

With the Yuen method you can locate your source of stress and eliminate it, giving you the benefits ofInstant Healing.? Through movement of the body and cleansing of the mind, energetic healing is teaching patients how to resolve headaches. Instant healing from chronic pain caused by stress is something we, as a nation, desperately need. Our nation’s health crisis could be lessened considerably, saving us all huge amounts in taxes and make us feel better about ourselves as individuals. To learn more about how to resolve headaches and chronic pain and deal with your stress, please visit .

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