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Which do You Prefer? Inbound or Outbound Call Center?


The development of BPO industry in this age of technology is growing rapidly. More and more people are needed to fill up the positions for the new call center companies that are arising in different parts of the globe. If you are interested in working with this type of industry, you should be aware with what type of services they are offering so that when you land at this kind of job you are already fully armed and ready.

Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center predominately handles incoming calls initiated by the customer. Unlike the outbound call center, inbound call center usually operates 24/7 because a customer may call at anytime of the day. Primarily, the aim of inbound call center is to provide customer service to the customer’s needs and wants about a certain products or services. Some of the services offered are:

Outbound Call Center

An outbound call center is one in which a call center agent makes an outgoing call to customers in behalf of the client. These customers are either from households or from businesses, depending upon the target market. It uses distinct metrics to measure agent’s success such as cost per call, revenue earned, number of minutes or hours per call, total calls made, and tasks completed.

Some of the services offered are:

There are lots of services offered in an outbound or inbound call centers other than the aforementioned above. These companies are becoming the vital aspects of many businesses. If you are interested in building a career with call center, you should know beforehand the services that this company is offering.

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